Keste Pizzeria – New York

Do  you know how many pizzerias there are in Manhattan? I do not. But I was very happy with my choice. My one and only Keste Pizzeria, shining like a beacon on Bleecker street. A narrow, small venue, where you hear a lot of Italian hanging on the air, as well as English. The waiters talk both. The owner is so humble, so welcoming and a true Italian.

The pizzas talk for themselves. The margarita, the king of pizzas, pizza of the kings, queen in this case, was like a never ending taste on my taste buds. Slightly burned edges, not too thin, not too thick, just as it should be. The tomato sauce is sweet, tangy, zesty, and has the right acidity, you feel like you are in a summer garden biting the scrumptious plum tomato. You feel the sun on your face. Tomato sauce was that good! The mozzarella was melting in your mouth, leaving you with the milky, genuine taste.

After your second pizza, you feel speechless, like you are in Neapolitan pizza heaven.

2 great chef do the magic, and the ingredients, and the  oven, and the heat around 750-800 degrees F. No changes allowed, why want to change the perfect balance they created anyway?

Address: 271 Bleecker St. New York, 10014

Phone: (212) 243 1500

Service Hours: Mon-Sat 12:00- 3:30pm and 5:00pm-11:00pm. Sunday 12:00- 3:30pm and 5:00pm-10:00pm

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Bouchon Bakery – New York

I have been searching for the perfect lemon tart for how many years I do not recall. Well… I found it!

It is tart. It is creamy, it is velvety, it has taste, texture, it has the right size. It is the right thing. “The lemon tart”. Mine. All mine!

Bouchon Bakery baked “the lemon tart” for me. Thank you Thomas Keller :)

It is not only the lemon tart that made me a loyal customer to Bouchon Bakery. The selection of the pastries were all very flavoursome, divinely tasty. The chocolate tart is all about bitter chocolate ganache, very fulfilling,  abusive, addictive, sinful! The TKO was a giant Oreo cookie, made TK style.  Sable chocolate dough filled with white chocolate filling… One bite and it takes you to your childhood, wishing all the Oreo cookies you had snarfed down were righteous as this. Eclairs, croissants, macarons…

Due to the high demand, be ready to wait, be patient, while being stunned by the colorful display of all the yummy foods, indecisive what to choose.

Address: Time Warner Circle, 3rd Floor, Ten Columbus Circle, NY 10019

Phone: (212)823 9366

Service Hours: 8:00am-9:00pm monday-friday, 10:00 am-9pm saturday, 10:00am -7:00pm sunday

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Dirty Bird To Go – New York

Frying is an art,  a chemical lore that one should master if they ought to do the fried chicken.

The extremely crunchy buttermilk coated, hot, juicy, delicious fried chicken is what you get when you find Dirty Bird To Go, mini place in Manhattan. Not enough said, when you eat it, the taste of the coating is your first acquaintance, the crunchy,  non-oil absorbed- piping hot texture is heavenly. Then you get the taste of the chicken, the taste that we forgot long time ago. The comforting taste, the all natural, organic, humanely raised chicken taste, that’s what I am talking about. The moist, juicy, perfectly cooked pieces of chicken.

The side dishes are good as the chicken, the garlic kale, the roasted potatoes, the beets, and the refreshing coleslaw. Although I have to say, the cornbread is a bit too much buttery for my taste, so that is the only thing I did not enjoy.

The lemonade is homemade-old school-tart lemonade, just as I like it! It is a real refreshment between the meal.

When you leave, you feel full, but not greasy, your hand do not smell of the oil, just they do not smell at all!

You feel light, you wonder where all the oil has gone, then you realize may be you did not eat any, may be the chicken just danced in the oil.

Somebody knows how to fry there, how to respect the food, how to be perfect!

Address: 204W, 14th Street, between 7th & 8th, NY 10011

Phone: (212) 620 4836

Service Hours: 11:30am – 11:00 pm, everyday – they do delivery

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