Chowzter App and Awards!


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When you start planning your travel, what is your first thing you google? I know it’s food, since you are reading this… Chowzter is all about real bites in the city, the fast bites as well as the local small eateries, everything reflected … Continue reading

Bocadillo de calamares, one is not enough!


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You know the rule, if the locals are lining in front any of the eateries, dive in, you most probably are going to get a treat. La Ideal, was packed when we got there, seems the tiny place was always … Continue reading

Gambas gets good as it can, at La Casa Del Abuelo


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I like the places were they focus on one or two ingredients. It means they trust on its freshness and taste, not to forget knowing how to prepare it. La Casa Del Abuelo is known for their shrimp and langoustine. … Continue reading

Sorry, but no: Casa Alberto, Madrid

Everyone told me to go there, to dine there, so I did. Very disappointed! It was ‘the one bad meal we had’ in Madrid. This old and beautiful establishment turned a big deep eat and get out hole. Go there if you want  to get rushed service, grumpy waiters, crampy tables, bugs in your salad and entrecote tough as a rock. Waiter did not bother to stop instead he said momento in a very rude way, overlooking his glasses, while I was trying to him about my salad being a dumpster! Never again.

My safe place – The River Cafe, London


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Snowed in and working on my lectures, classes, getting bored, I caught myself going through London photos…. Spending most of my time in my favorite restaurants, The River Cafe photos took me back to last summer. River Cafe is one of … Continue reading