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Tea! Tea is welcoming, tea is friendliness, tea is Turkey. You do not have to ask for one, you are immediately provided with it. At every home, a household is the tea professor who is in charge of mixing different tea brands … Continue reading

Çınaraltı Cafe – Istanbul

Early in the morning. So hungry. Just want to have champions’ breakfast.

Çınaraltı is the place you want to be. The neighbourhood is calm, near the Bosphorus, the small streets, the smell of burning stoves.The street cats and the locals sipping their tea at their favorite tea-house.

Freshly squeezed fruit juices or a banana milk, just a perfect wake up call. You order one plate of söğüş, which consists of slices of cucumber, tomato, peppers and olive. You season it to your taste and drizzle some olive oil on top. You break a big fresh puffy chunk of bread and start tucking in.

Then your egg arrives in a traditional little pan, sahanda yumurta, it is called. 2 eggs topped with thin slices of sucuk and covered with a thick layer of kaşar, a kind of young melting cheese. The eggs are hidden under the melted cheese, and you’ll love digging in!

There are couple of egg dishes, all called sahanda yumurta, eggs in the pan, and toasts, all you can enjoy with Turkish tea or juices. The bread is very nice, the service is fast, the food is good. Just what you want and need for breakfast.

Address: Çarşı Cad. No:90, Kuzguncuk, Üsküdar, Istanbul

Phone: (216) 553 7385

Service Hours: opens at 07:00am daily, closes around 10:00 – 11:00pm, according to business.

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Simit – Istanbul

This timeless, this traditional flavor is so simple yet so hard to forget…

Crunchy, twisted – literally -, sesame covered, oven baked savory pastry is a street taste. Some of us like it plain, some with Turkish tea and cheese, some with ayran, some with marmalade. No matter what you decide to accompany it with, simit is always good. Simit is my excuse for a boat trip!

Needless to say more,  if you see a simit trolley or a guy carrying all of that brown rings on top of his head, stop him, have one or two. Bite it and hear that sound and your mouth fulls with joy, and sesames all over you :)