Fıstık harvest on the way to Urfa


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I can hear you saying pistachio belongs to Gaziantep… You are right, but you know food is geographical more than belonging within a city’s border. You may hear Gaziantep locals complaining about Urfalılar, claiming themselves as fıstık growers, sellers and … Continue reading

Street food at Diyarbakır


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Turkey, one of the most beautiful places in the whole big bad world. People, food, nature, culture, history… whatever you like, all in one. The sole reason why Turkey is my favorite place for travelling.  Every region, every city, every … Continue reading

Tables on the streets of Şanlıurfa


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Şanlıurfa is a city that never sleeps, not for the partying though, for eating!  The liver stalls goes on 24-7. The famous ciğerciler -the liver grillers- yelling out or sitting in front of the mangal -the mini bbq-, chatting with their … Continue reading

Food Photo – Nohut Dürüm


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All you need is in a single bite; comforting taste of the bread -tırnaklı ekmek-  just baked at a local wood-burning oven, the velvety texture of the chickpeas, the crunchiness of onion, the hot Urfa pepper flakes and the fresh … Continue reading

Food Photo – Fıstık

Pistachio, fıstık, is a true delicacy and one main ingredient for baklava, in Gaziantep. The pink smooth skin covers the shelled pistachio inside which still has a softer skin then the usual roasted one.

The ones which have already cracked, growing their way outside he skin, pressuring it to open its mouth, called çıtlak and preferred by the locals. There are many street seller in the city, walking around heaped carts, with the eye catching contrast of blue nylon and pink pistachios.

The fruit is hidden inside the pink skin, then the semi soft outer skin. It has a taste like any other, mellow, moist and a little fatty taste, but bursting you with its flavor, the fruit inside has all the tones of green. The more vivid green, the more it has a unique taste, yellower green the taste becomes lighter. As I told these are the fresh ones, not roasted, so they are not salted and I prefer this other than the roasted ones. The fıstık season has ended so, these are the last ones I could catch in Gaziantep.

Now, this particular gadget is for cracking open the pistachio shells rather then trying to break you teeth, trying to get the delicious fıstık out from its skin, if the shell is closed, or you do not want to ruin your nails. As seen, it has many kinds made from brass, metal and  covered with hand decorated figures, motives…

Will be back for more delicious Gaziantep.

Çayırcı – Antakya

Antakya is a heaven of tastes and if you are a local and have a food hunch like me, it even tastes better!

Çayırcı Bakla and hummus is one of the many to taste. You have to go there in the morning and forget about the lunch you are planning, because you are not going to get hungry after eating bakla.

Bakla and water, put in a big copper jar, then embed it in ash, at a hamam. It cooks slowly about 16 hours. Then these big jars brought back to the shop. It cooks becoming thick and velvety.

Order one “bakla”, then watch the  preparation. Cloves of garlic some salt put into the small stainless steel plates and while they pound the garlic with a pestle some cooked bakla added, pounding continues, then some lemon juice added. After all these pounding, the bakla becomes a paste. Finished with glug of olive oil, some cumin, pepper flakes.

The taste is simple yet vigorous, smooth but kicking… You dip your pide in it, or spread bakla over the pide or spoon it. Accompanied with home made pickles, taking the oily hammer effect out off you and leaving your tummy intact. They also have hummus, which is equally good!

The locals call it “beton”, literally meaning concrete, because you feel like you have eaten a pile of concrete and won’t get hungry again, ever!

Address : Uzun Çarşı, Ayakkabıcılar Çarşısı, Pazar sk., Antakya

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Curry 36 – Berlin

Order two. When you see the queue in front you will agree with me. Simple, delicious, tasty food. The wurst, pork sausage comes with or without skin, I had both and loved the one with skin better.

The currywurst is moist, scrumptious, sprinkled with curry and topped with a thick tomato sauce. The fries are so very crunchy, you love them at first bite! They will ask you mayo or ketchup, chose both. Believe me if a non-mayo-lover eats it with an appetite, so can you. It is good!

The potato salad is with a lot of salad mayonnaise, which is quite creamy, luscious, a little sweet, a little vinegary, quite the right texture you want in a salad added with a little amount of chives to chew on.

You do not have to be hungry, drunk, grumpy, happy or anything to get there. Just get there. Get in the queue, to the right one, it is much faster then the left. While waiting make up your mind, do not make the others suffer from your indecisiveness. Order them all, don’t forget the beer!

Address: Mehringdamm 36, 10961 Berlin

Service Hours: Open everyday, Mon-Fri 9.00 am- 4am, Sat 10.00am-04.00am, Sun 11.00am -03.00am

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