Katmer for breakfast at Ünal Kardeşler, Urla


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Just a usual morning for me, asking the waiter if I can visit the kitchen and chat with ustas…  For me, as I always say, watching the true masters, this experience is more important then the food itself, hence it is … Continue reading

A tradesmen restaurant in Edremit, Cumhuriyet Lokantası


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Don’t you like road trip! I love it! Your fave places to stop new places to discover, eating and food shopping! It was about noon when we arrived Edremit, we were hungry and a little tired. Parked the car and there … Continue reading

Fıstık harvest on the way to Urfa


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I can hear you saying pistachio belongs to Gaziantep… You are right, but you know food is geographical more than belonging within a city’s border. You may hear Gaziantep locals complaining about Urfalılar, claiming themselves as fıstık growers, sellers and … Continue reading

after the perfect bite!

After countless hours of sharing my city with you, tasting and walking Istanbul, and getting all the feedbacks from my readers, I was sure!

I had to launch another blog. The world bites of Istanbul, after the perfect bite! As the world is my oyster. 

So themed up, shaped the blog a little bit and started sharing my world gastro articles there. Soon more to come, I have an armful of food and travel around the world, to share with you.

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Boyoz, eggs, laughter at Alsancak Dostlar Fırını


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One morning we went to eat the best boyoz by far, at this soon to be learnt cheerful bakery at Alsancak. Hungry enough, we grabbed a table and looking around I got up and went inside to pick our share … Continue reading

Çitlembik… say what?


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Egeliler, some Cretan, some Greek, some Sephardic, some pure İzmirli… Wherever their roots go, does not matter, they love to eat everything coming out of earth like the buds of the trees, the leaves, the roots… They don’t like wasting … Continue reading