Tables on the streets of Şanlıurfa


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Şanlıurfa is a city that never sleeps, not for the partying though, for eating!  The liver stalls goes on 24-7. The famous ciğerciler -the liver grillers- yelling out or sitting in front of the mangal -the mini bbq-, chatting with their … Continue reading

Simit – Istanbul

This timeless, this traditional flavor is so simple yet so hard to forget…

Crunchy, twisted – literally -, sesame covered, oven baked savory pastry is a street taste. Some of us like it plain, some with Turkish tea and cheese, some with ayran, some with marmalade. No matter what you decide to accompany it with, simit is always good. Simit is my excuse for a boat trip!

Needless to say more,  if you see a simit trolley or a guy carrying all of that brown rings on top of his head, stop him, have one or two. Bite it and hear that sound and your mouth fulls with joy, and sesames all over you :)

Chestnut Stalls

You start to smell burning coal while you stroll Istanbul these days.

The fumes are like messengers of good news.

Good news of approaching winter and the delicious winter tastes, and in this case it is the chestnuts grilling slowly on the small-tiny bbq’s of street sellers.

Just go out, chit-chat with the chestnut seller, convince him to serve you the freshly cooked and the hottest ones and enjoy! But, do not eat a lot on an empty tummy, you will regret it, believe me…