Where to eat the best döner kebab in Istanbul


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Döner kebab -for the beginners- is a meat dish consists of deboned meat layered on a vertical spit, roasted rotating on its axis, then cut -shaved- thin slices with a special long knife aka döner bıçağı… Served as pide sandwich, wrapped … Continue reading

Balls of heaven at Meşhur Filibe Köftecisi


This gallery contains 4 photos.

Fashionably late… I was surprised  that I did not write about my favorite köfteci before. So I dig my photo archive for some matching photos it felt stupid, after all I took my every food obsessed friend there, or told … Continue reading

Namlı Rumeli Köftecisi – Istanbul

Namlı Rumeli Köftecisi has been in service for almost 30 years now. Their specialty is little balls of heaven, or generally called, köfte!

One bite, it is perfectly cooked, a little pink in the middle, moist, all meat jus is kept inside, seared on the outside. When you see the griller’s hasty moves, you once more love your köfte! Another bite, well it is so small you may not be left for your second bite but anyway, the taste of meat and fat lingers in your mouth. This köfte is made from lean veal meat and fat from brisket. The amount of fat is needed, or you will be choking on a dry meatball.

Order your piyaz, the beans literally melt in your mouth, topped with tomatoes and if you like onions.

After you are done with köfte, order irmik helvası, which is served warm, not so sweet, but a little lite on the pine kernels for my taste.

Stop by, have a bite then keep on strolling through Istanbul!

Address: Hocapaşa Sk. No:9, Sirkeci, Istanbul

Phone: (212) 511 2196

Service Hours: Open daily, around 11.00 till 5.00 or 6.00 pm, till meatballs finish. So hurry!

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Hocapaşa Pidecisi – Istanbul

How many times you passed by and not stopped at this hidden pideci? I’ll tell, countless!

Yusuf Bey, third generation shop owner  is working rapidly to fulfil every request coming from the customers, slicing the pide, preparing packages, dealing with money. The customers are picky, all locals, some waiting beside Davud Usta, while he cracks eggs on top of kıymalı pide, gets to hear one of the old customer says, put another one on top, one is not enough! Davud Usta has been working there for almost 25 years, he keeps on smiling while opening a ball of dough tapping it with his hands, he tops it with the desired ingredients, then to the shovel and in the big brick oven.

Kıymalı pide is delicious, so is the kavurmalı pide. Munching on kıymalı pide you get the taste of onion, the meat and the spices,  all in good balance, the dough is crunchy, a little moist in the middle, love at first bite! The kavurma they use leaves the dough its flavors. The salty meat and the melted animal fat is divine.

If you want to try something different, try the one with chicken. Yusuf Usta says, the customers love it which is his creation. He blends peppers, tomatoes, chicken breast with olive oil and spices. One of the faves.

A real pide experience to win your tummy, in a place where time seems to stop!

Address: Hocapaşa Sk. No: 19, Sirkeci, Istanbul

Phone: (212) 512 0990

Service Hours: Open everyday, 11:00am – around 8:00pm

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