Where to eat the best döner kebab in Istanbul


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Döner kebab -for the beginners- is a meat dish consists of deboned meat layered on a vertical spit, roasted rotating on its axis, then cut -shaved- thin slices with a special long knife aka döner bıçağı… Served as pide sandwich, wrapped … Continue reading

Just now, döner so good!


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What if I took a little detour, a girl has to eat, right! 1,5 portions döner over homemade pide, green peppers, pickles and ayran… Now I can go back to work, or… Now I am sipping my tea on the … Continue reading

The one and only, Pando Amca!


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Does it matter the time, the day, to have some time, time in time, sitting, smelling old days? The milk boiling in a big cauldron, people rushingly stop over to buy their share of the famous clotted cream made from … Continue reading

7-8 Hasanpaşa Fırını – Istanbul

Raisin, orange, apple, banana cookies, baton salé, savory cookies with nigella seeds, bran, rye bread, sandwich breads, Easter bread, kinds of cakes displayed on the big oven trays on the counter and over the window display. Busy bee workers, a rush as well as the sweet smell dancing in the air…

You will leave with hands full and happy but end up buying more then you can eat.

There is a taste for everyone this old establishment in Beşiktaş Çarşı.

Adddress: Şehit Asım Cad. No:12, Beşiktaş, Istanbul

Phone: (212) 261 9766

Opening Hours : 08:00am- 9:30pm

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Karadeniz Pide Döner Salonu – Istanbul

Meat… Tasty, juicy,thin layers of lean meat stacked on each other, rotating on a vertical spit, cooking slowly.

The meat is from lamb and beef. It is marinated before, so you do not need to add neither salt nor anything else.

The tender and utmost delicious döner is served in pita kind of sandwich bread which is home baked as well. You also may have wrap, half-a-bread sandwich, or a plated portion. What ever you choose do not forget to ask for tomatoes and peppers cooked under the döner, bedded in the juices, sucking them up.

This tiny place is is a 35 years old city gem, where you always feel welcome, the döner is always delicious! Stop there for an early lunch, wait for your turn impatiently and enjoy every bite, cause it is one of the best döner city offers you.

Address : Sinan Paşa Mah. Mumcu Bakkal Sk. No:6, Beşiktaş

Phone: (212) 261 7693

Service hours: Opeans early but the döner is ready around 11:00 am – till it finishes. Closed on Sundays.

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