Just the right season for İzmir, Hatay Pazarı


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No, we are not going to Hatay, yet it is another colorful pazar in İzmir. Up at the hills of İzmir, Hatay Pazarı was set up on Thursdays. Kekik 2 kinds -oregano and thyme-,  karabaş -lavandula stoechas- on the right corner, for … Continue reading

Büryan at Siirt Şeref Büryan Salonu, İstanbul


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One morning, I rushed in the restaurant asking for ribs as if I was starving, Şeref Usta told me to come back at 11.30am, hence it is still cooking… But the büryan was ready, hanging  on the hooks, still warm, … Continue reading

Food Photo – In front of the house…

I do not about know your house, but sure mine does not have two lovely ladies sitting infront making swiss chard dolma… They giggled when I took their picture, invited me over for dinner. In Anadolu, it is very common to gather around for preparing food, gossiping about the latest weddings, their sons, their daughter in laws. Everyday life at the hills of Rize…

Ethem Tezçakar Usta, looking over us…


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Everywhere you can have Turkish coffee. But should you? NO! There are certain things about a decent cup of Turkish coffee. The quality of the coffee, freshness, water, pot, heat source and the person preparing it. But there is another … Continue reading